1. Travel!

As we all know, one the of the most common things people do over any break is go on vacation. Travelling can be both amazing and frustrating depending on where you go, or who you go with. There’s also the expenses, hours of waiting, and many other things that can ruin your trip. But, is there a way to have a fun and awesome trip WITHOUT having to worry about all that stuff? Of course there is. You don’t necessarily have to go to Paris or Rome for it to count as a trip. There are so many nice cities close to home that you may have never known about. The best thing you can do is gather a group of your friends and go on a one-day trip to a city close by. Road trips are ALWAYS fun. Pack some food, get some good music, and go discover your world with a group of people you enjoy spending time with.

            2. Biking

If you’re not a social person or don’t like driving, there are other things for you to do! The weather is crazy and amazing, during spring break. There are cloudy, chilly, windy, or rainy days, but for most part the sun shines bright in the sky. You would be crazy to stay home and do nothing!! Biking is one of my favorite things to do over spring break. It’s a pleasant workout and there’s no better time than spring break to do it. It’s not too sunny that you get sunburned or too cold and slippery like winter and autumn. So just grab your bike and wander around the city like a five year old kid who has just learned how to ride a bike. Go to the art museum or a park you’ve always driven by, but never actually visited.

                3. Photography

While you’re outside you can do all sort of activities, such as taking pictures of interesting subjects. Take picture of the artwork at the museum (for inspiration). Take pictures of the animals in the park, or the cute white and pink blossoms you won’t find any other time of the year. You don’t have to be a good photographer or have a particular subject to take pictures. Do it just to capture memories of your experience during the spring break, and maybe even share them with your friends.

                 4. Coffee, movies, drawing, & reading

Like I said before, not every spring day is sunny and suitable for biking, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Although rainy days are sometimes depressing, you can enjoy the mood coming with this particular weather. Make yourself some coffee, roll yourself in a blanket, sit by the window so you can hear the rain, and put on some good music or movies. Maybe even learn to bake something to eat with your coffee. Spend some alone time and relax because you deserve to have fun on your own. You can also go to a local coffee shop! Sit in a corner and read a book or pay attention to strangers, maybe even draw them. Watch the passage of time, and think about other people’s lives and yourselves. Give them a backstory in your drawings. Then walk yourself home when it’s not raining anymore and breathe in the fresh air, with the mellow scent of wet soil.

                   5. Paint some eggs

Say you’re not a movie person or don’t have a good book to read and you want to do something else. Spring break is usually around Easter. So get some paint and brush and start designing your own Easter eggs. If you’re full of ideas and actually want to spend time on it, you can make as many as you want, and sell them. Or make your friends their own unique egg and give it to them after the break. Even supposing you’re not artistic, you can always watch DIY videos to get some ideas.

                     6. Go shopping!!!!

This is perhaps my most favorite on the list. I love shopping, especially for books, clothes, and shoes. (Although, usually, I buy almost nothing after hours of wandering around the mall). It’s hard to get someone to go with you when they’re busy with school. Plus, shopping isn’t fun for someone who can’t decide on her own and needs a second opinion, so breaks are the best time for me to shop. Besides, there’s more to shop for in spring than any other time of the year. There are new spring collections out, boots and comfy oversized sweaters are on sale, and most importantly, all stores are filled with gorgeous prom dresses. It’s going to be fun even if you don’t buy anything and just spend some time with your friends or family, cause before you know it you’ll be off to college and everything’ll be different, so enjoy it while you can.