From sources like the Washington Post and the NY Times, it seems as though the Trump Presidency is facing resistance by many democratic voters who are believed to be coming out in numbers this November. With the two branches of legislative government, the House and the Senate, the House is in a favorable majority towards the Dems. In this upcoming election there are very blue California districts, suburban districts, and in our home state of PA, there are a new set of district lines being drawn favoring the Democrats. The real question is: are the Democrats going to be able to win back the Senate with many of their own incumbent senators up for re-election? 35 senators up for re-election and only nine of them are Republicans! However, there still is the fact that 10 of these Democratic seats are up in states that Trump won. With this blue wave, a new faction of the democratic party of very leftist progressives is on the rise. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is running in District fourteen from the Bronx, and Florida gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, are running on positions such as Medicare for all and a federal jobs guarantee. Both are strong candidates that I believe will do excellent things for the Democratic party as times are changing even more. So it does seem that a blue wave is on the rise… but we will have to see in November! And remember to register to vote! 

UPDATE: There was a democratic win in the house, but still at a disadvantage in the senate. Ultimately, this just means greater gridlock.