A Playlist For When You're Livin'

By Zoey Greenberg

Earlier this year, Art 1H was assigned to create a small booklet about anything of their choice. The decision was a tough one, but eventually after careful consideration, I decided to do something that meant a lot to me. I created a booklet that illustrated a playlist of many songs that mean a lot to me. Each of these songs have a very special place in my heart, and are attached to quite a few key memories of these past few years. I started by sketching out my illustrations in pencil, went over it with a very thin pen, and eventually added a few pops of color using watercolor paints. This little booklet, although others may just see songs, means quite a lot to me. So, if you’re ever interested in hearing some cool new tunes, I hope you’d think of giving my playlist a try, and make some memories of your own.

Click Here for Spotify Playlist by Zoey Greenberg