Alter Ego

 By Kira Nalbantian


This piece is composed of six photographs, three of which depict a person's angelic side, displaying a more pure, kind, softer aura. The other three represent a person's demonic side, displaying a more bad-ass, cunning, harsher vibe. The design of my artwork is influenced by the media's depictions of these beings, as well as what manifests in my head when I visualize both angels and demons.
My inspiration can be seen in the way I chose to edit the demon's blacked out eyes and the angels silhouetted wings. I also incorporated color filters to each side/ego. I chose blue for the angelic side and red for the demonic side. These colors set the mood for the entire piece as the viewer watches them flow together in the piece, but also watches them clash; like how good and evil do, when residing within the same person.