Ask a Dad: Volume 1

By Zoey Greenberg


Welcome to Ask a Dad: Volume 1! This continuous series includes someone’s dad, and a bunch of questions that people send in. The first Ask a Dad answerer is my dad, Andy. You have questions, he has answers!

What’s your favorite topping on pizza?

A: Pepperoni and mushroom

What was your most embarrassing moment in school?

A: It was the annual band concert being held in the high school auditorium.  I played trombone.  We were sitting on risers on the stage with the trombones on the top tier.  We went right on after the chorus, so there wasn't a lot of time to get set up before the curtains re-opened.  The risers were a little narrow so to get clearance for the trombone slide I had to slide my chair back a little bit.  As the curtains started to open, I slid back a little more, just enough that the back legs of my chair went over the back of the riser with me and my trombone tumbling off the riser with an extraordinary crash.  The rest of the concert is a bit of a blur but I did have a good explanation for my parents as to what all the noise was and why I was late coming on stage… Sadly, all this was long before the days of cell phones and video cameras, so no footage.

What is the most important thing your dad told you?

A: Don't drink and drive

What’s a classic high school Andy outfit?

A: Jeans, flannel shirt, Ked's high tops (I dressed like Zoey does now :-) )

What was your go-to cafeteria meal?

A: I brought my lunch -  PB&J

What’s your best dad joke?

A: The first time I asked you "Does your face hurt?" and you said, "No, why?" and I said, "Because it's killing me!" And then you looked like you were going to cry so I guess it wasn't that funny. (Editor’s note: chill)

A: Also, any time someone says how big you have gotten, I always say, "yeah, she gruesome."

What is your ideal band name?

A: Gravitational Correctness Run Amuck (credit Bloom County - Berkeley Breathed)

What’s the most annoying holiday to be a parent during and why?

A: Not sure "annoying" is the right word but on New Year's Eve we go from just enjoying ourselves to worrying that our kids are OK out on the roads.

Anything else you would like to say to the general public?

A: Don't let the vitriol surrounding the current election diminish your optimism and enthusiasm about the future.