1. Sharp Objects

This eight-episode HBO miniseries, based on Gillian Flynn’s (author of Gone Girl) book of the same name, delves inside the darkness of human nature through the lens of a struggling reporter, expertly played by Amy Adams, as she chases a murder story in her hometown. This artfully filmed, mind-twisting journey is one that I highly recommend everyone.

Rating: 9.8/10


2.Big Little Lies

If you like Sharp Objects, this is your next best choice - director Jean-Marc Vallée builds a certain tie between the two. I watched these two back to back and had to take a short break from television to process it all - but trust me, it’s worth it.
Find Reese Witherspoon at her finest, as her character (accompanied by two mothers played by Shailene Woodley and Nicole Kidman) discovers the intertwined nature of her own life with those who surround her in the beach town of Monterey. The incredible cast upholds the thrilling twists and turns of the plot, ultimately lending to a stellar viewing experience. And it’s renewed for a second season!

Rating 9.5/10


3. Sense8

If you're a world-traveler at heart, this is most definitely the show for you. Shot in Nairobi, Seoul, San Francisco, Mumbai, London, Berlin, Mexico City, AND Chicago, this transformative two-season work of art is unlike anything I have ever watched before. If you can’t imagine how eight lives can be linked between these locations, you have no choice but to discover the true magic of this Netflix show. Yes, each episode has scenes that are actually from these cities - they even filmed during San Francisco Pride!

Rating 10/10


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