Billy Name

By Jenna Pearlstein

Over the summer, on July 18th, Billy Name passed away. He was a prominent filmmaker, photographer, and lighting designer. Billy’s life became intertwined with Andy Warhol’s after their short-lived romance and ensuing friendship. They began to collaborate and Name was entrusted to "silverize" Warhol's New York studio, called the Factory. His photographs of Warhol and his museum are important relics of the pop art movement. Name eventually took residence at the Factory and converted the bathrooms into a dark room to process film. His unique background in interior decoration and light design added interest to his photographs that marked a paradigm shift in pop photography. Artists freed themselves from the bounds of propriety as improvisation behind the camera became more prevalent. Name, more recently, collaborated with Shepard Fairey of Obey, as well as the Velvet Underground.