Cage The Elephant Concert Recap

By Zoey Greenberg

For some odd reason, May 12 seemed to be the night of concerts. That special Thursday featured shows from Mac DeMarco, Radiator Hospital, and the one I had the pleasure of attending, Cage The Elephant. My companions and I entered a few minutes after the doors of the Mann opened, excitedly trekking our way up the steps towards the Skyline Stage. The general admission area was crowded already, to no one’s surprise, so we were satisfied to find ourselves around the eighth row. Sick! We’re so close! We celebrated, having no idea what was going to unfold. The following photos have been taken with my lil disposable camera.

The first band performing was called BRONCHO, and nobody really knew who they were. However, they did chant “Cream Cheese” at us for a little while, so that was cool I guess. The drummer was very attractive, drummed with an unlit cigarette hanging out the side of his lips (because it’s a metaphor), and followed Emily Sinrod back on Instagram. It was a really big deal. Although we were unsure if their name was pronounced BronCHo, or BronCo, (it’s BronCHo), their set was entertaining and also a really good time for the 21 year olds around us to pregame. Eventually they left without playing the one song by them that I knew, but overall they did a real good job.

A little while after BRONCHO left, Portugal. The Man (I know, my head does the little pausey thing too) came on, which was all very exciting because people knew who they were. It was a little weird though, because they brought a hype man along with them. He was great, obviously, but we were a little confused as to why he was there.  Portugal. The Man played through their set flawlessly, and was especially exciting during ‘Modern Jesus.’ At this point my friend and I had made some good concert friends around us, and moved up to the fourth row. As Portugal. The Man left, we knew that this was it. The moment we had been waiting for.

The pushing and shoving continued. Of course, neither me nor my friends intended on reaching the front. We just accepted the little spaces in the crowd, slowly making our way closer and closer to the barricade. The sun had set  and everyone was getting antsy. As we made it to the third row, four obnoxious, extremely tall human beings behind us said something that brought up my hopes: “We’re gonna build a wall, and when Cage comes out, we’re gonna push like h-e-double hockey stick.” My friends exchanged concerned looks, but I shook my head. “This is good for us,” I explained. “This is REALLY good for us.” And I had proven myself correct, because when Cage The Elephant finally made an appearance, a great force shoved all of us forwards. I couldn’t see much, and my memory of it happening was hazy, but the moment’s clarity hit me once I felt cold metal against my forearms. In a daze, I slowly looked up, finding myself separated with Matt Schultz by nothing but a metal barricade and some bodyguards. He was incredible, as one would assume. Running back and forth, singing to the crowd, and having the time of his life. When he would look you in the eyes, it felt as if he was personally singing those words to you.

Even though he is notorious for the classic stage dive, Matt did not make his way into the crowd. Matt’s brother, Brad, on the other hand, was a different story. Jumping down from the stage, he went up the steps of the barricade, and straight up put all of his weight on me as he leaned back on the crowd. He then proceeded to hit me in the neck with his guitar, but it’s fine, and I’m fine. Here’s a photo to show you that Brad Schultz was very, very close to me. This happened like, 3 times:

Although this whole adventure eventually has to come to an end, my experience definitely saved the best part for last. As the music concludes, the crowd comes to a deafening roar as the band leaves, all except for Matt Schultz. Running around the stage, he would tear off the setlist, crumple it up, and throw it into the crowd. People leapt in attempts to catch them as Matt would aimlessly toss them away. It came to the point where he had one setlist left. Looking around carefully as he kept it balled in his fist, his eyes finally landed on me. Face splitting into a grin, he pointed towards me. The people around me screamed, as the bodyguard who was also my best friend grabbed my hand, pointing towards me. Matt nodded, passing him the crumpled up piece of paper, who handed it to me. Here is a picture of the bodyguard, and then me peeing my pants with the freaking setlist:

To conclude, my concert experience was absolutely incredible. I could not have asked for a better way to see one of my favorite bands. If you ever get the chance to see Cage The Elephant live, you one hundred percent need to take the opportunity.