Chocolate Dream

by Tyler Lynch

Every morning
I wake up to a world. A bright, warm earth that holds secrets
Beneath its crust.
And every night, I fall asleep and delve into the darkness that keeps me back from them.
But one night, I had a dream
that dug into the secrets of the earth that escaped from the shadows of the night. 

This dream, it was a sweet, entrancing dream
where I was mesmerized by these people,
These beautiful, beautiful individuals with
Not only caramel, mocha, chocolate chip, deep blue brown covered skin,
But wide open eyes and minds.
They walked with class, grace,
They all wore bronzed crowns
Studded with gems and diamonds,
Crafted by their own hands.
In this dream, I know they spoke to me
With rich, silky, smooth voices.
And I know I could hear them
But I was unable to listen.
For in their presence
All you could do was stare.
All you could do was...

I suddenly woke up and realized whom I had dreamed of.
I had seen my ancestors
The ones who came from
This ancient promised land, Alkebulan.
I felt an urge to go back and grasp another glance of them
But now that I think about it, there was no need
Because they never went away.

These people are still here today,
Inside of each and every one of us.
They are us.
We always want to know who these ancestors were,
But we need to realize
That they are who we see
In this chocolate dream.