By Hailey Trimbur, featuring Simmy Denton and Arrion Johnson

My film tells the story of two different people suffering from the human condition of depression. The story depicts ways of coping: through self harm, and through running away in an attempt to escape from reality by listening to music and living in the moment of photography. The female character in my film, played by Simmy Denton, portrays a more serious way that some people deal with depression. Arrion Johnson plays the second character in my film, and embodies a more light-hearted way of coping with depression. I chose to put Arrion’s portion toward the end so that the audience would have a more hopeful mindset after watching the film.

I was inspired by the body and settings that those dealing with depression live in. For Simmy, I chose to center the story in her home because a house is supposed to be where someone feels the most safe, and is usually associated with love and warmth. The lighting in her portion of the film is rather bright and “happy” despite the black and white filter. I used the bold red color of the blood in the bath to show the intensity of the action.  My inspiration in Arrion’s story was nature; photos can be taken in nature, free from any interruptions or distractions. I took advantage of the contrast between Simmy and Arrion’s ways of coping to show that not everyone is the same, and not everyone deals with depression in the same way. Because Arrion’s story is to be considered as “light hearted”, I used simple bright colors in his portion of the film - for example, his purple sweatshirt and the red couches.

The dramatic lighting in my film creates irony. Even though the world around the suffering individual is so bright and beautiful, they may feel gloomy and dark, hopeless and lost. I asked my actor and actress to speak in a monotone voice with meaningful pauses, and to put emotion in places that the emotion felt right. The overall mood or feeling of the film is similar to the title: depressing.

I hope that the audience understands that depression is a real thing. Everyday, people that you meet may suffer from it. There are people that run away, harm themselves, or find other ways to express their cries for help. I also want the viewer to know that if they feel like this, they aren’t alone in the pain that they feel when they’re alone. Depression is serious, and no one should feel the need to silence their issues.