Featured Artist: Emma Ricci-De Lucca

By Lily Strailey

1.     Will you continue creating art after high school? If yes, how do you expect your work to evolve?
Yes, I am definitely going to try to continue to take film and photography courses as well as join photography clubs. During high school, most of my work covered various topics that reflected on the world around us. In college, I believe I want to try to capture more of what is meaningful to me and close to my heart. I also hope to be able to make a greater impact on the surrounding community with my artwork.

2.     What messages do you hope are conveyed through your art?
Specifically pertaining to this year, my overall message was about identity and being able to not just accept one’s self but also to acknowledge and appreciate the unique differences in individuals. Therefore, my hope is for people to value their own diversity as well as that of the people around them. This idea was particularly inspired by the documentary Miss Representation, which I highly recommend watching.

3.     Favorite photo you have ever taken and why.
My absolute favorite photo that I have taken is the panoramic photograph of a man on a bike on the Lungarno ponte in Pisa, Italy. Every time I look at this picture, I feel so much awe for architecture and for the beauty of Italy. Out of all the pictures that I have captured, it is the picture that inspires the most emotion in me.

4.     Why do you think art is so important in high school?
I think it is important to make art in high school not to fulfill an elective credit or to have insta-worthy pictures to post, but to express one’s self, to make an impact on and connect with people, to speak out and stand up for important issues, and also to establish a voice for one’s self in the world.

5.     Hopes and dreams for Zenith in the future?
My hope is for Zenith to continue to grow and flourish as it has been doing over the past couple years. I believe it has great potential and my ultimate dream is for everyone in school to have Zenith bookmarked on their phone or computer (or maybe even on an app!) because they feel as if they could not go about their day without checking it out. 🌎♥️

6.     If you could have one wish granted, what would it be and why?
One of my biggest wishes for when I go to college is to find people and professors that are just as kind, supportive, intelligent, and thoughtful as Mrs. Witman and Ms. Jackson. I truly could not have gotten where I am today without their help. They have continuously inspired me to improve and challenge myself. I am eternally grateful to have had them not just as teachers, but also as mentors and role models.

1.     Book?
Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
2.     Movie?
Hard to say, probably Kiki’s Delivery Service
3.     Food?
Focaccia with Mortadella
4.     Pizza Topping?
Cheese (I’m not particularly big on lots of toppings in general)
5.     Artist?
Omg so many but top three I would say: Chance the Rapper, Pia Mia, and Terror Jr
6.     Harriton memory?
Senior year of Volleyball with my teammates and especially the very last point of our very last game 🏐

Final comments/words:
I will truly miss being part of such a great team full of talented and driven young minds. Thank you