Five Fun Fall Activities

by Sage Torrisi

1.) Go to an Orchard


Visiting an orchard is one of my absolute favorite things to do in fall. Aside from picking apples, you can often also go on hayrides, pick pumpkins, and walk through corn mazes. The orchard I most often visit is called Linvilla Orchards, and I recommend it. It has all of those activities, plus great food. Then once you have all these apples and pumpkins, you have to do something with them, which brings me to...


2.) Fall Baking


I enjoy baking all year round, but I especially love it in fall. There are so many delicious autumn-themed things to bake this time of year. Some of my favorites include apple crisp, pumpkin pie, apple pies and cobblers, and sweet potato pie. And of course, there are Halloween cupcakes, which are always a lot of fun to decorate and are great if you are throwing a Halloween party.


3.) Haunted Houses

If you are into scary Halloween activities, visiting a haunted house would be great for you! Some, like the Eastern State Penitentiary, are popular tourist attractions and are pretty well known. Others, often located at farms out in the country, are smaller and less well known. Either way, it's sure to be a lot of fun.


4.) Visiting a Farmers Market


Another great way to get fresh fall produce, besides visiting an orchard, is going to a farmers market. Besides fall fruits and vegetables, farmers markets often also include handmade crafts created by the vendors. One of my favorite local ones is the Bryn Mawr Farmers' Market on Lancaster ave. It's a great way to spend a lovely fall day outdoors.


5.) Hiking


Fall hikes are always absolutely beautiful. The air is crisp and perfect, and the leaves are turning all kinds of colors. I often hike on a trail in Rolling Hill Park where I can have my dog off leash to run free. Depending on your ability or how difficult you want the hike to be, there are many different trails to take in the area. No matter what, it is sure to be a great way to get some exercise in the fall.