Flying High

By Sindu Soundararajan

I shut my eyes as the plane accelerates and when I open my eyes, we are high in the sky. Buildings, cars, rivers- everything that once seemed so important is now suddenly tiny.

Over the past few years, I have been so lucky to travel around the country and across the globe. But one of my favorite parts of each trip has always been the flights to and from a new destination. The excitement of entering a new city never ceases to excite me and the relief of coming home and seeing Philly from up above always gives me a new perspective of my own city.

The following pictures are from a few of my favorite flights from the past 4 years:

8- Entering Johannesburg, South Africa (July 2014)
9- Cusco, Peru (July 2013)
10- Leaving San Francisco, California (August 2016)
11- Entering Sri Lanka (July 2015)
12- Sunset over Cali. (August 2016)
13- Helicopter Ride over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (July 2014)
14- Entering Port-au-Prince, Haiti (March 2016)

1- Coming Home (July 2016)
2- Head the Clouds (August 2014)
3- Leaving Lisbon, Portugal (July 2016)
4- Leaving St. Louis, Missouri (April 2016)
5- Somewhere over the Rainbow :)
6- Entering San Francisco, California (August 2016)
7- Leaving Lima, Peru (July 2016)