I have always had trouble with getting myself outside to workout. It's hard to be running a trail feeling like a truck and seeing other people zoom by you. For my self-esteem, I find it easier to jump around my room and blare music than looking put together enough to run outside with the rest of humanity. In my humble abode, I blast old school R&B along with early 2000’s pop and just get active. I start with a simple dance party to get myself hype then work on the actual body sculpting.

  • Start with 20 squats

  • Next work the arms with arm circles and other pilates type rotations(find ideas on Pinterest) I never use weights, because I don't belong to a gym, but you can feel your arms becoming toned just by repeating small circular movements.

  • Do 30 jumping jacks or even run in place to get some cardio in

  • Do ten burpees again, work those arms

This may seem like a lot of shoulder work but stronger and bigger shoulders create the illusion of a smaller waist!

  • Now for abs!

    • 30 crunches

    • 30 reverse crunches

    • 30 butterfly crunches

    • 30 alternating bicycle crunches

    • 30 side dip planks

    • Other side 30 side dip planks

    • 30 second regular plank

    • 30 Russian twists

                (30 may seem like a huge number but when I do these exercises I always count in up    

                 to 10 three times rather than just going to 30. It's much easier to think of anything in
                  10s than in 30s.)

- Finally, stretch it out, nothing feels worse than being sore so make sure your body is loose after the workout and maybe even end with another dance party for the fun of it! This will have you feeling great about yourself in no time! Your muscles will come in and you can take control of your body - It's yours so love it and work it!