Harriton Highlights: Prom

Shaka Ramanathan

Harriton Highlights: Prom

Prom, undoubtedly, is one of the quintessential moments of high school. Junior prom, while less formal than senior prom, gives students unforgettable memories within each moment spent laughing, dancing, and of course, taking infinite amounts of pictures. On the 21st of April,

Harriton hosted the junior class in its wonderfully decorated cafeteria for prom night.

The process of prom begins hours before walking through the school doors at 7:30. Part of the experience is the frenzy that is finding the perfect dress, getting hair and makeup done, acquiring a suit, and purchasing the corsages and boutonnières. Every detail is captured by the hundreds of

pictures taken during pre-prom by eager parents and friends. April 21st happened to be lovely out, with a blue sky and a ton of sunlight, creating a bright mood that lasted until the late hours of the night. In the various pre-proms, Harriton students attended--which made appearances on all forms of social media the following day--the sense of excitement for prom buzzed through the air.

When walking through the door, the effort that went into the process of creating an amazing prom did not go unnoticed; hours were spent by the the class sponsors and class committee in preparing not only the decorations but creating a playlist and providing food. The archway

above the entrance set the mood, fitting in with the 70s theme of the night. The music was chosen by the students, through a google form that allowed endless requests and ensured a good time. The food ranged from sushi to mac n cheese to vegan cookies and was definitely enjoyed by many. Another highlight included the photobooth accompanied by 70s themed props which produced the cute photo strips as keepsakes. It truly was a fun time, with colorful dresses everywhere and loud music and so many moments shared between everyone.

The junior class had danced, laughed, sang, until the students slowly started filtering out the door at around 10. Such milestones for the class of 2019 are a big deal, as prom allows everyone to come together and celebrate the crazy experience that is high school. There’s no uncertainty that this night will be ingrained in everyone’s memories (or at least their snapchat memories) for it really was a night to remember.