The Harry Styles Concert

by Mila Lacey

In August, I’m at Rachel’s house, and she’s talking about how she is going to the Harry Styles concert. Then her mom says they have two extra tickets, which is enough for me and Siobhan to go. The tickets are for the October show at the smaller venue vs. the Wells Fargo Center in June.

I forgot we were going until a week before the concert and had to remind my friends that we indeed were going to the show. One thought it was going to be in January. I couldn’t tell you why. 

The day of the concert Siobhan and I were planning to go together and meet up with Rachel and her sister at the end of the show. I took an uber to Siobhan's house, and we went together go to the show. Once at the show, which was at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, there were lines around the block. We found one random line and stood in it, Rachel was already inside, and Siobhan went to talk to someone to make sure we were waiting in the correct line. It turned out that we were in the wrong line, and the right line was around the block, through an alley, and around another block. 

By the time we entered the venue, the opening act was still performing, but we weren’t allowed to go into the general admission pit. We were so confused as to why we couldn’t go down there even though we had general admission tickets. I tried asking one of the people working there, and he yelled at me, “NO, NO, NO!” waving his hands for me to get out of his way. Apparently, they gave out only one thousand bands to get into the pit and weren’t letting in any more people. So, Siobhan and I decided to direct message Harry on social media to tell him what was happening and how we weren’t getting into the pit. Eventually, we waited long enough to get into the pit before Harry got onto the stage. 

As they slowly let people in and music started to play the whole crowd moved forward, it was like being carried by a wave in the ocean. Harry had a banner on the stage and when it dropped he went on; when he was singing it was magical. At one point in the middle of a song he just got off the stage, and everyone was genuinely confused, but he came back after a minute. He had a cough, but it was a cute cough. He also sang songs from One Direction, his album, and a song he wrote for Ariana Grande. Being there, so close to him was special because realistically I probably will not be that close ever to him for the rest of my life. It was such a fantastic experience, and he was also so grateful to everyone who showed up and for everyone who supported him.