Harry Styles Concert

By Emily Sinrod


Waiting in line to see Harry Styles felt like an eternity. With tickets purchased nearly a year in advance, McDonald’s French fries in hand, I watched the line of teenage girls clad in black mesh with embroidered details wrapped around for blocks get longer and longer. Slowly advancing toward the Tower Theater, my heart was pounding in anticipation of seeing Harry for the first time solo and in such a small intimate setting. Before I knew it, my friends and I were rushing into the Theater, somehow acquiring wristbands to allow us into the pit of general admission.

Muna, the opening band, just performed their set, and I didn’t know them before the concert but had some bops and did seem like stuff Harry would like. It was nearly time for Harry to go on, and everyone in the crowd was trying to get the best spot possible to see him. Suddenly, I realized I was being nudged by two girls holding hands and pushing toward the front, but I shook it off as no big deal. The next thing I know, another girl is on the floor, knocked over by the pushing girls, and the head pusher started swinging! Her friend did little to hold her back, and security had to come to remove the perpetrator. Nuts! Watch out for Harry Styles fans.

Harry’s silhouette appeared against the pink, floral scrim, and the screaming ensued. After a couple of repetitions of “Oh, tell me something I don’t already know,” the scrim dropped revealing Harry, as fabulous as ever, in his black suit with flared legs and flower detailing. Harry kicked off the show with one of my favorites, “Ever Since New York,” and introduced himself to the audience, telling us to be whoever we want to be in this room tonight. Harry performed all the songs from his album, but the most notable performance was “Kiwi,” which is so good that Harry sings it twice back to back at every concert. By this point, my friends and I have moved toward the back of the pit, where we have ample room to dance with a clear view of Harry running around the stage and up to his usual shenanigans of waving pride flags and spraying water on the audience. My legs hurt from all the jumping but it was so worth it!

Since Harry’s album is short, he also performed a bunch of covers, such as “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart” which he wrote for Ariana Grande as well as Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” And of course, Harry had to cover some One Direction oldies, from “Stockholm Syndrome” and the classic “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” Harry was truly spectacular, with his voice and his guitar play, to his dance moves and amazing hair. Next, to Kiwi and the fist fight, the most memorable moment of the night was the emotional finale performance of “Sign of the Times” when the pit all waved little pride flags. One of the most incredible nights ever, my ringing ears were my souvenir from that memorable evening of Harry Styles live.