Harriton Election

Kate Kucharczuk

Harriton Elections

The 2018-2019 Harriton Student Council Election has finally concluded after months of campaigning. Be sure to congratulate our new officers President Lauren Levy, Vice President Valentina Spadea, Secretary Shaka Ramanathan, Treasurer Roshni Parikh, and Sergeant at Arms Robert Choh Fleming! Below are exclusive statements from your new student government representatives.

Hi Zenith! My name is Lauren Levy and I am your Student Council President for the 2018-2019 school year. First off, I want to congratulate everyone that ran in this election. Each person that decides to run for office puts themselves out there, which takes a lot of resilience and grit. It should be admired! I would also like to congratulate the new officers that will be working with me: Valentina Spadea, Roshni Parikh, Shaka Ramanathan, and Robert Choh Fleming. We are super pumped for the upcoming year and have already begun planning events. This year, we are putting more of a focus on increasing student council sponsored events. We are hoping to expand Made on the Mainline, introduce a spring pep rally to send Science Olympiad off to Nationals, improve our communication system (possibly through weekly emails), and bring back club funding. We look forward to representing you and hope that you reach out to us with any of your ideas! It is our job to advocate for you, and we are very excited for the upcoming year.

–Lauren Levy

Hi Zenith! For the past two years I have ran for Student Council Vice President. Two weeks ago, I was honored to become Harriton’s Vice President Elect. I have shadowed the past two vice presidents as their co-chairs, and been the stage manager of Mr. Harriton twice, so I know that I am qualified for the job. My main fear going into the election was not effectively communicating my vast experience to the student body. I knew that if people understood how much I care about Mr. Harriton and all the events that Harriton Student Council puts on, I had a real shot at winning.

I think the posters and video were very important to my campaign. I spent countless hours designing all of my posters and finding all the best resources that I had at my disposal. My dining room table was covered in tape and poster markers and scraps of construction paper for two weeks. The inspiration for my video was the fact that my “google” poster was so well received. It took hours of planning, shooting, re-shooting, and editing to get to the final product after getting everyone’s opinions. So quite honestly, without the incredible support system I have, I never would’ve been elected. Not only did I pester all of my friends and family throughout the process by asking their opinions, but I was also extremely nervous for most of the month-long election. The moment I learned I was Harriton’s next Vice President was ecstatic and incredibly appreciative for all the help I received.

It is a lot of work to put on a campaign for student council, but I am anticipating putting even more work into being a student council officer. Thank you to everyone who voted (whether or not it was for me it is imperative that everyone’s opinions are heard) and thank you for giving me the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is. I hope you’re all ready for a great year because I know I am!

–Valentina Spadea

Hi Zenith! Over the last three years at Harriton, I’ve had so much fun being a part of Student Council and contributing for the various events, fundraising, and of course, Mr. Harriton. After being a part of both the Events and Communications committees, I’ve learned a crazy amount about the jobs of the officers and how much work goes into the process of running both council as a whole and putting together a show as huge as Mr. Harriton.

When I ran for secretary as a sophomore, I took my campaign as a learning experience and truly appreciated everything I got out of it. I spent the next year in Communications putting in hours upon hours of time on the art, staying after school to help make the boys’ individual pieces along with the huge main logo above the stage. Shadowing Ben and working with Grace, Nadia, and Angelina was honestly the best time, and I’m so excited to be secretary this year so that I can work on amazing art again and implement some new ideas to make our school even better.

I had a lot of fun with my campaign as a whole, going entirely with puns and putting up posters and posts featuring my amateur photoshop skills. Making my video (the recipe for the perfect secretary) and writing a speech was stressful because I wanted to do a good job, but I had so much support from my friends that it became a lot more exciting. In the end, I learned so much about our school, leadership, and gained a lot of appreciation for all the opportunities within our school.

–Shaka Ramanathan

Hi Zenith! As many people around Harriton probably know, I ran for student council treasurer for the second time this year and was finally elected at the end of April.  The election process is extremely challenging and scary as the video and speech which each candidate makes is put out in front of hundreds of people to be judged. Although this whole experience was somewhat nerve-racking at times, it helps a lot with building confidence and learning how to put yourself out in front of others which makes the whole experience totally worth it regardless of the outcome.  I was super lucky this last year in being able to work with Liv Ebner as one of her co-chairs all year and learned so much from that experience which makes me even more excited about what is to come next year. Lauren, Valentina, Shaka, and Robert are all such amazing people, and I am beyond excited to see what the five of us will be able to do together next year. I have already met with them several times throughout the last week, and we have a lot of big plans coming in the future so be sure to stay tuned as you won't want to miss out!

Roshni Parikh

Hi Zenith! Over my years of campaigning, I learned what to do and what not to do. For instance, I learned to use regular photos for posters instead of school photos. Additionally, I looked back at my past two campaign videos and figured out what not to include in a student council campaign video. Lastly, for the speeches, I decided to include certain elements that were not in my previous speeches such as jokes. However, what really separated this year from the rest was the huge amount of support I had from all of my friends. When I walked up to the podium to deliver the speech, it gave me a great deal of relief when I heard loud cheers and applause. It made me appreciate how supportive my friends were of me and reinforced my appreciation for being a Ram. I look forward to working with Lauren, Valentina, Shaka, Roshni, and the rest of Student Council next year.

Robert Choh Fleming