By Emma Ricci-De Lucca

The brand INSPIR3 represents the 3% of people who own 97% of the world’s wealth and its mission is to inspire people to chase that 3%, to be their own bosses, and to reach for success.

The aim of the series “INSPIR3” was to collaborate with a fellow artist on a project in which my photographic skills were used to design and promote his clothing brand. I created photographs for his company’s online store as well as for his instagram (@INSPIR3_ISR). My approach to his brand was inspired by another clothing brand called ENTR3PNR, founded by Julian Johnson, and the vibrant, eye-catching, and modern approach to his promotional photography. Motivated by this imagery, I strove to make my series just as visually-appealing.

Since Idris has an eye for fashion, he chose which hats he wanted to be in the pictures as well as some of the outfits. I captured different “campaigns” of photographs that addressed the themes of urban, projection, nature, and studio photography, each with a different shoot, pose, location and alternating background. The images are connected together by the hats and models, which continually reappear throughout the whole series.