Iris Apfel

By Jenna Pearlstein

Iris Apfel is a 95-year-old fashion ICON! She is most revered for her textile firm, “Old World Weavers”, co-owned by her husband Carl. Together, they took part in countless restoration and refurbishing projects, even some in the White House. This eclectic job required their presence in many foreign countries, in order to collect obscure and recherché items. It was this necessity that brought Iris to her true passion: clothing. She began to collect non-western, sundry articles wherever she and Carl visited. This escalated rather rapidly, into one of the largest personal costume collections in the world, successfully occupying a two story closet, and not to mention her entire Floridian apartment.

            This "geriatric starlet," as she self-proclaimed, is an inspiration to all maximalists. Her "more is more" attitude propelled her (and her multitudinous bangle collection) into fame and adoration. "Life is grey and dull," she says, "You may as well have a little fun when you dress and amuse people."