It Was Nice To Have Known You

By Ana Navarro



It hurts when your fingertips leave mine, it hurts that our friendship had a countdown.

I see your future bright as ever, I’m happy for you sure.

But when I picture you leaving the selfish part of me wants you to stay just a bit longer.

I want you to explore and grow but, I wish I could be with you as you do.

I think of all the time I wasted without you.

I don’t want you to feel me as another anchor holding you back when you’ve only wanted to be free.

Without the looming future, I can bask in your excitement.

I picture your joy and success.

The truth is I’m nervous that things will feel hollow without you. You changed me more than I thought could happen.

I’m nervous because this is only the beginning, I’ll feel this way again. That maybe someone will feel this about me.

Even I can step back and look at how lucky I was to have seen the sun bounce of your hair. I got to see you smile and laugh. I got to shake your hand and know your last name. Your face went from nameless to something of value. It was nice to have known you.