Joel Danilewitz Did Not Write This Article: One Girl’s Journey Through The Homeland

By Kate Seltzer

Boyz on rockz (Kate Seltzer, 2016).

These r my feet have u seen them (Kate Seltzer, 2016).


I had to cover my knees to take this picture (Kate Seltzer, 2016).

If u were a real fan u would b following me on Instagram @kateseltzer and u would have seen this like 9 months ago. Could’ve had a baby in that time just saying (Kate Seltzer, 2016).


Look at this larger version of my genetics. So outdoorsy (Kate Seltzer, 2016).



Here he is again… mr harriton 2015 retreating to Israel… embarrassing (Kate Seltzer, 2016).


Wow it is like you were all there with me. I love technology (Kate Seltzer, 2016).