Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as the time to spend with a special someone; it means flowers and chocolates and smooching.  Anything that isn’t spent with the boy or girl who gives you butterflies seems to feel like a failure. But HECK THAT! What is better than another reason to have a night of fun with your ladies?

Here are some suggestions to get you in the spirit of a classic girl’s night!!!

1.  Get Comfy!

There’s absolutely no reason to spend a night in, in anything less than your cutest PJs. Pull out your bunny slippers and get cozy!

2. Brownies!

Who needs boys to remedy your chocolate craving? Connect to your former Girl Scout roots and get ready for lots of double chocolatey goodness! A recommended recipe is below!!

3. Dance Party

No girl’s night is ever complete without some classic jams: new and throwback, good and guilty pleasure.  No matter your taste, this playlist is sure to include some of your favorite sing-alongs to dance along to!!

Essential Highlights:

  1. Wannabe - Spice Girls

  2. Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

  3. Dancing Queen - ABBA

  4. Single Ladies - Beyonce

  5. Best Friend’s Brother - Victorious

4.  Rom Coms!

Once you’ve danced the night away, pop A LOT of popcorn, grab the brownies (+ the tissues) and settle in with the perfect romantic comedy.  Ryan Gosling isn’t mandatory but he certainly comes with the territory ;-)

         1. The Notebook:

An absolute must see! If you haven’t watched this iconic Nicholas Spark’s movie - what have you been doing with yourself?! Even if you’ve seen this before, get ready for a good cry and affirmation that love is real!

          2. The Proposal:

A classic set-up as love is forced (or is it??) upon uptight editor, Sandra Bullock, and her hapless assistant, Ryan Reynolds (dreamy)! Plus Betty White is a gem! .

          3. Crazy, Stupid Love:

Another lovable Gosling classic! Relationships intertwine to bring a couple, and a family, even closer!!

5. Friend Love!!

Possibly the most under appreciated variety of love –but undoubtedly incredibly important– this Valentine’s is all about your girls!  Spend the time to bond and let your pals know how much you care!