London Eyes Closed

By Jenna Pearlstein

My favorite part about this piece is the cool shadows I used. I’ve always admired the combination of blue and orange. I often try to recreate that relationship with skin tone, acting as a muted orange, and a subtle watered down blue. Non-local color has always carried a lot of responsibility in my work. I might add a drop of purple in a shadow or mint green in a highlight to try and fabricate the interrelations of colors that exist off paper. The challenge for me is to discover the perfect hue without confusing the viewer. At one point, I got a little carried away with the blue shadows and I started to look less sleepy, more dead. It’s important to consider what is necessary to the success of the piece and what is purely arbitrary. Becoming lost in your work is very easy when painting, it is important to periodically hold up your piece and try to view it from someone else’s perspective. Sometimes when I’m working, I get so invested in one single spot on the canvas for hours. I’ll hardly notice that what I’ve been meticulously perfecting, isn't consistent with the whole piece, the bigger picture! I’m trying to be more vigilant about the continuity of my pieces, lest I waste time and resources!

My intentions for this project, as directed by Ms. Jackson, were to display a narrative, to tell a story without words. I went into it eyes closed, no pun intended. Enjoy!