Main Line Refugee

By Maidah Khan


The subject of my portrait is my younger brother, Musa Khan. I chose Musa for my project because I was trying to recreate the picture of that woman who was a refugee of Pakistan with intense green eyes. The only person who came to mind was Musa because he has those intense green eyes with a mix of blue, and that was exactly what I needed for my picture. My family is from Pakistan and Musa looks like her twin but the only difference is he is a boy. I wanted Musa’s eyes to speak in the picture. His eyes were intense and serious just the way I wanted! Musa’s wearing traditional Pakistani clothing with a Islamic scarf to add the Pakistani culture with those intense green eyes. I chose our prayer room in my house because we pray there and it represents our religion and culture the most! The portrait should show you his deep emotions and his position as a “refugee”.