BY: Jordan Kreindler

As she states in my video, my grandmother believes that art is more about collections, rather than a single piece of work. A way to show how you feel about something in your life, or in the world. My series is about my grandmother who has inspired me and has taught me what it means to be an artist.

“I think what I’ve been doing for the past two and a half years with these large drawings, and expressing how I feel about what’s happening in the world. I feel that it has become a very successful endeavor”. This series speaks to me not only as a photographer but also as a writer. Through her work, she creates a narrative, not just a picture.

Her studio reflects her, which is crazy, messy, organized, colorful, confusing, clear, happy, intelligent, insightful, and bright. Her time there is important to her, and she can get lost in her world. The more you visit her work, the more you connect with her narrative. You understand her, her process, her creations, and her message. Nothing is done without purpose. Nothing is done without thought.

The goal of my series is to capture her studio as more than just a studio, but what it really means to her. The bright lights flowing in from every window, the giant paintings stretching from ceiling to floor, the newspaper clippings and pictures representing her life and my family. The vivid colors of my photographs show the excitement that runs through her studio, while the bright exposure reminds you of the peace and brightness that flows through as well.

This is Marge.