Men Are From Mars

By Ana Navarro

Two celestial bodies,

We never seem to be on the same path, we rotate in complete opposite directions.

Whenever I was willing to forgive, to work, to put aside any sort of self respect. Because that’s what it would take wouldn’t it? I’d have to let go of so much. I’d have to apologize and change. Adjust to the way life was there.

Whenever you could forget, reach out, put aside the intoxicating pride. Make things work for me, sacrifice.

I was off spinning the opposite way.

I could only ever imagine our possibility when I felt as low the craters on my surface.

You couldn’t deny our similarities, but we can’t even keep the same orbit.

Are our atmosphere’s different? Because I can’t breathe in yours.

I don’t believe that women are from venus and men from mars, but I do believe that now, I feel farther than neptune.