Mini Thon

By Eliza Barson

Stepping into the gym Thursday morning, Harriton’s entire Mini-THON crew  felt motivated, excited, and could not wait to participate in a day just as humbling as this one would surely be. Throughout the year, our committees – Morale, Communications, Fundraising, Entertainment, and Hospitality – have worked  tirelessly in order to make this day possible. After months of preparation, we watched in awe, as our hopes became a reality. The Day of Service had finally arrived, and it was time for us to celebrate and dance for a cure.  

Each year, the Four Diamonds Fund hosts Mini-THON events at tons of schools around the country. With the goal of conquering childhood cancer, Four Diamonds works with children at Penn State Children’s Hospital and provides for their families through care, research, and support.  

Last year, Mini-THON was brought to Harriton High School by Ms. Gretchen Lawson, a Penn State Graduate and an inspiring advisor to so many of us. Although the concept was new and unlike any other, we worked together and raised over  $14,000. After such a great outcome, we made it our goal to raise $40,000 this year.  While this definitely seemed difficult at certain points throughout the year, we were  all in shock as the final numbers were revealed on Thursday afternoon. Tired, anxious and eager to see the results, the entire student body and staff watched in amazement – we had raised a total of $46,585.47.

As our team stood in the center of Harriton’s gym on Thursday afternoon, we  felt overwhelmed, honored and grateful at the opportunity that was given to each of  us. Our second year of Mini-THON had been an unbelievable success, and next year,  we hope to have an even greater outcome. Together, we will work to find a cure –  and together, we will beat childhood cancer.  “One day we will dance in celebration. Until then, we dance for a cure.”