Mr. Harriton 2017

By Katie Lee

Photo Credits: Zoë Masterman, Steven Nichtberger

On February 24th, 2017, Harriton Student Council hosted its 10th annual Mr. Harriton event that brought together a very diverse group of people to raise over $30,000! Over the course of three months prior to the event, the 10 contestants worked with choreographer Anna Berezovski nearly every day after school to put on the amazing show filled with a variety of talents and very skilled dances. Congratulations to Joel Danilewitz for earning the title of Mr. Harriton 2017, and the runner ups Will Hoffman and Hannibal Ahmed. Below you will find some messages from a few of the boys themselves!

Jake Berberian (Photo 3)

I thought the group of guys was awesome and learning to dance was surprisingly super fun. I hope that everyone who watched thought that we put on a good show and that the three months of work was so worth it. Love you Harriton!

Jack Mendelsohn (Photo 7)

Harriton's Finest was a great time, despite the fact that Cody Wax was snubbed for the top spot. 

Devon Chulik (Photo 9)

Winning was not my main reason for trying out. All I wanted to do was put on a good show. I think that is what the nine other goons and I ended up doing in the end; we put on a really good show.