Devon Chulik

Most art connoisseurs and casual viewers assume that all art pieces have a deeper emotional meaning. Welp, at least not with this miniature gallery.

The point of these four pieces is to show how different mediums can either clash or come together. I wanted to blend one of my styles of sketching with the vintage aesthetic from the 1970s to maybe create a new style or art form. Pushing the art frontier forward is the only way to make art that is more pleasing to the eye and that makes the audience think. Even if you, the artist, makes a piece of art with an intended message, it is important to still let the audience come to their own conclusions. In my mind, having your audience think about your piece and to have them make conclusions about it is what makes a successful or good art piece.

"Good" art is not based purely on skill, but mainly on style and making people think about it. This is what I intend to do.