Needle Point

By Ibby Maruca

I've always admired the intricacy of embroidery, and I spent a long time telling myself I would try it out. Although it took me a while to get around to it, I was instantly hooked when I started playing with its threads, textures, and colors. I love the variety of choices you have in embroidering, with stitches upon stitches and colors upon colors to choose from. Some of my favorite things to embroider are organic images, such as plants and cacti. Alongside its vast array of options, I love embroidery for how tedious it (even though that same tediousness can sometimes be a negative). There's something incredibly relaxing about repeating the motions, stitch by stitch, until a complete image comes together. If I could give advice to anyone trying out embroidery, it would be to have on hand both a lot of colorful string and a lot of patience.