Point of View: Cat's Eye

By Emma Ricci-De Lucca

This project captures ways of seeing things differently than our usual perspective and to tell a story through that point of view. With this project, I hoped to depict a new and interesting outlook of my cat, Mina.

I chose to use Mina as my subject because she always captures my attention, as she seems to find new hiding spots and funny positions and viewpoints to look at me from as well as humorous expressions so I wanted to capture what I see in her and how interesting she is to me. I used a lot of low angles, close-ups and for one photograph, a fish-eye lens. I chose to increase the brightness and the contrast to bring Mina out and make her stand out. I decided to stand close to Mina for half of the pictures and for the others to take a step back in order to give more importance to her and her expressions as well as her surroundings. Because Mina was constantly moving it was a challenge to get focused pictures however what I did was take multiple burst pictures with my iPhone and then went back and selected the ones that were focused.

Though at first glance the images may seem just like regular cat pictures, the different angles and new viewpoint that makes them different and make them have more meaning. Viewed together as a whole these images represent a way of seeing things in a new way and in a new light with more appreciation for the small details and the little things in life that make us smile.