What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Say About You?

By Jenna Pearlstein


Everyone probably thinks you’re super boring, but GUESS WHAT! People who love vanilla need to compensate for the lack of flavor in their ice cream somewhere else!! So they’re actually the coolest people ever, duh.

Cookie Dough

Just like the delicious chunky bits of cookie mixed into an otherwise bland vanilla, members of the cookie dough fan club appear like fun loving law abiding citizens.  YOU THOUGHT. Once you get to know them the crunchy cookie really shines through in psychotic fits of emotion! (good luck!)


Strawberry Ice cream supporters have had their head stuck in the clouds for generations. Like c’mon fruity and creamy just don’t go together, it’s unnatural. Just like your omniscient positive attitude.


If your favorite ice cream flavor is coffee that means your daily venti latte from Starbucks obviously does not cut it for you and your caffeine addiction. You might be a little high strung but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your life together. Taking advantage of a little extra caffeine never hurt anyone!


Ah, the classic chocolate ice cream. They lead a simple life. Turning lemons into lemonade, chocolate into chocolate ice cream! Missed the bus? What a good opportunity to take a leisurely stroll down I-95 to get to work. Breathe in the fresh air honey!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Hmmm…this one’s a real toss up. The dichotomy between the bracing mint and the sweet saccharine bursts of flavor from the chocolate have puzzled professionals for decades!  After the empirical breakthroughs of the 21st century, Scientists have deduced you are most likely a two faced honey! Just kidding, but you’re probably super moody!

“I don’t like Ice-cream”

Try again.