Humans of Harriton

 Veronica Fenton interviewed by Jon Zamsky

“What makes this dress yours?”

“This newspaper dress was a dress that I made for IB art. I am obsessed with the show Project Runway and they always have one challenge per season where they have to make outfits out of unconventional objects and I always wanted to do that so I decided to make this dress fully from newspaper. This really reflects my design atheistic because the basic structure of the dress is very simple but it has a lot of texture. Also I am very into neutral colors and because it's made from newspaper it's just black and white. It also reflects my ideas about fashion being a major reflection of what society is today. I used all current newspapers with current news/issues on it as my fabric to represent that fashion is illustrative of what culture is today. Just like the newspaper's articles will change from day to day so will fashion.”