Are You a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha?


In this article, you will find a detailed personality description of the main cast of Sex and the City. Here you will find out what character you are based on your personality traits.


To be a Carrie, you are most importantly be in love with where you live and the friends that surround you. The city you strut in daily trumps any love interest that comes your way. You have a somewhat addictive personality and can’t seem to shake certain bad habits. You often find yourself single but sadly get caught up in relationship stuff and can even be “critter brained.” You make quick decisions that often don't lead to good outcomes. Your fashion sense will forever be daring but beautiful. For positive traits, you are fun and always down to try a new activity. Your closest friends see you as very insightful, charismatic, and most importantly, a shoulder to cry on.


To be a Miranda, you have almost the same characteristics of an Aquarius. You are strong and independent when it comes to your work, and you also enjoy life by always keeping busy. If there is nothing to do or too much silence, you get too bored and have to busy yourself. Being a Miranda, you can also be a bit negative when things don’t go as planned, but you still keep moving on to get more done. When it comes to men, Miranda always speaks her mind and lets others know when she has a problem with something. Being a Miranda, you will never change your personality for anybody and will always stay true to yourself. For positive traits, you are ambitious, very loving, and most importantly, compassionate towards loved ones. Your closest friends see you as hardworking, feminist, and caring.



As a Charlotte, you have a very balanced lifestyle of seeing friends, working, and exercising. You may be different than most of your friends, but, without you, the group would fall apart. Each of your friends has their own personal connection to you and loves your presence. Your organized mindset also helps to keep your life less hectic and on track to a good future. Sometimes you find yourself worrying about finding “the one” or not having a significant other to share your life with, but your friends fulfill all the happiness in your life. For positive traits, you are honest, true to yourself, very positive, and always polite. Your closest friends see you as adventurous, honorable, a smiling face, and a kind soul.


As a Samantha, you are indeed one of a kind. You are fiery in all aspects of life. In work, you get what you want and work hard to do so. With friends, you are very blunt and straight up. And with men, you focus on your needs before theirs and never give someone a second chance. You are, without a doubt, confident~ almost too confident. As a Samantha, you have reached self-actualization and know precisely what you want in life. To be honest, you are primarily focused on your dating life and understand what you want in a partner. You love being a single woman, but, once you find the right person, you are loyal and appreciative in that companionship. Your mantra tends to be work hard, play hard. For positive traits, you are very accepting, tough, and extremely loyal. Your closest friends see you as funny, a good listener, a partier, and well rounded.