Pantone Color of the Year


As we all know, every year The Pantone Color Institute releases its color of the year along with seasonal palettes. The color of this year is Living Coral Pantone 16-1546, deep pink with undertones of orange and nude. In my opinion, the color seems very Avante garde, as it's pretty uncommon to see the coral color used in excess.

To me, this color seems very difficult to style on its own. coral is very loud, so when using it in outfits and clothes, you have to be very tasteful about its usage. If you wear coral as a solid, it's definitely going to be the centerpiece of the outfit. On the other hand, coral is excellent at bringing out different colors; it does this in the same way small amounts of orange and yellow can highlight other parts of an outfit.

The color definitely sets the mood for any outfit as cheerful and upbeat. Yes, clothing can express emotion! I imagine this color being best utilized in accessories like bags and earrings. Here are a couple of other pieces that use Living Coral.

Burberry Cashmere-Wool Coat

Nike Air Max 95 “Rush Coral”

Ava “Beaded Tassel Earrings”

1.State Crepe Kick Flare Ankle Pants