Night Lighted

By Emma Ricci-De Lucca

My artwork is composed of fireworks, light, and dark. The design for the look of my artwork is inspired by pictures I found on Flickr because they capture motion in the form of light during the night and they also created a sense of time and place.

My inspiration can be seen in the way I used a long shutter speed to capture the streaks of light coming from the fireworks to create repetition in both of my pictures. The way I used the light contrast of the colors of the shooting fireworks against the dark night sky in my artwork creates balance, movement, and pattern. The space and shape also adds harmony and a sense of place to my artwork.

My artwork is meant to convey the mood of happiness that one experiences on vacation or during the summer when they are at their happiest and enjoying life. I want viewers to remember this and to appreciate all the beautiful little things in life and take time to stop and reflect about them after viewing my artwork.