Nine-year-old Day 

By Ana Navarro


Nine-year-old day.


I had a nine-year-old day where I giggled at creepy movies from the comfort of my couch.

I put a bow in my hair and bounded up and down streets with no set destination in mind.

I ate candy I hadn’t in years, and dinner made by somebody’s mom.
Crisp cool air struggled to fill my lungs as I jumped on a trampoline.

Responsibilities neglected, I had a nine-year-old day where I didn’t worry and I spun around in circles.

When I breathed it didn’t feel so challenging. I didn’t do it between sobs, or shakily in the midst of panic. I breathed a breath of life filling every part of my mind. A mind that felt clear instead of clouded with worry, anger striking like lightning.

I smiled a smile that wasn’t forced in order to be polite or uncomfortable in the face of harsh words. A smile that filled my insides making them whole again.

No obligations knocked at my door asking me to stop having fun. No bad memories yanked my mind out of the good time it was having. It was bliss for hours on end with no guilt.


It was a nine-year-old day.