On Point

By Kareem Majid

Hey. Kareem here.  So, as some of you know, I am an avid fencer, and because of that, I decided to paint it.  Fencing is all about movement, and the foundations of a good fencer comes from good movement.  Fencing, is the fastest sport on the planet (shooting aside), happening at a speed at which most people cannot follow.  Because of that, still pictures don’t do it justice, and that’s where my inspiration came from – a Duchamp-esque sort of slow shutter cinematography – in a painting.  The painting is five feet wide, on wood, to give it the stiffness needed to draw on, while at the same time the sturdiness needed to paint on, as well as the size needed, to give the painting the desired impact.  Hopefully, from this, people will take a greater appreciation of the sport, because it is a fantastic sport.