One Week, Seven Drawings

By Jenna Pearlstein

As a student, I feel like I am constantly running. Whether it is to my math class, or to environmental club, or HTC. Last week I decided I needed to slow things down a bit, and focus on myself. I decided to take five minutes out of each day to just doodle. Of course I implemented a few rules, can’t have fun without rules!!!

1)  no screens around!! (me time ≠ screen time)

2)   no pencil!!! (livin’ on the edge. I know.)

3)   No undoing, deleting, or whiteout. (It was time to be accountable for the work I produced and to acknowledge my bad days)

The first day I wasn’t really sure what to draw, so I put my pen onto paper and made a squiggly line and watched where it took me. I love doing this because nothing is more intimidating than a blank canvas. Even a small marking can transform the page from an 8-mile hike to a walk in the park. After I finished the first drawing I was so excited to continue because creating something felt so foreign yet exciting for a Monday night. Not to mention, I was really happy with my doodle!! As the days went on, my work became more elaborate and whimsical, and I found myself dreading the completion of my drawing each day.            

I have to admit something: on day 7 BROKE RULE #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The arm was in the completely wrong spot and I could see the potential it had with just one swipe of white out. So I caved because the stakes were not too high, but I also realized it was an integral part of the one-week journey. Making mistakes and discovering solutions is a big step in the artistic process.


I was pleasantly surprised!! I was worried I would lack the motivation to continue each day, but I found it to be quite the contrary. It was so beneficial for me to sit down for even just five minutes a day, to unplug, and produce. I began to look forward to “me” time every day. Making art is a very cathartic experience, through expressing myself I can chisel away at the stress hanging over my head.

I often find myself procrastinating by binge watching random TV shows or scrolling through social media but I learned this week that  if you’re going to procrastinate you might as well do it right!