Orbit Choker

By Nicole Handel

I was inspired to create this piece because of the Halstead design challenge assigned by Mrs. Labrinakos in my Metal Arts class. We were tasked with constructing a necklace or pendant that had to do with the theme of cycles. After careful consideration of many cycles seasons, bicycles, the life cycle, karma, water cycle, menstruation cycle, I decided to focus my piece on the solar system, and the cycle or orbit of the planets revolving around our sun. I knew I wanted to make a choker before I chose the solar system, and decided on the designs and colors of the planets as I went along. I spray painted each metal circle to represent the eight planets then attached them to the choker in order of their distance from the sun. I hope all viewers of my artwork see a new way to incorporate color into metals and feel intrigued by the overall design and flow of my choker.