Painting People

By Anonymous Artist

When I am feeling inspired or in a creative mood, I will search through overflowing mounds of saved magazines on top of my desk for an image that I could paint or recreate. As I form the person on the page, discovering the relationship between the whites of their eyes and the highlights on their cheeks, or the symmetry in their eyebrows, it strikes me how strongly I feel that I know this two dimensional figure. At some point, someone went to a photoshoot, took a photo, maybe saw it in a magazine, but that was it. They did not know that I would find their picture and transform it into something else, studying the intricacies of their facial structure. I almost feel guilty, like they have a right to know. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I have been thinking about love in all its different forms, and I think that appreciation is one. As I paint these two-dimensional strangers, I feel like they transform into friends. They say you should not judge a book by it’s cover, but I can’t help but note their laugh lines and think of the times they laughed until they cried. I want my recreations to be a sense of reassurance for them.