Post 1D Songs

by Kate Seltzer

some post 1d songs reviewed and (tentatively) ranked <3


Every cloud has silver lining. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Look at the glass half full. Some other stuff about positivity and here is why: One Direction is on ~hiatus~ and obviously that news was heartbreaking at first (if u need some closure, u can read my article five confirmed true reasons why one direction broke up on right here on zenith dot com)  BUT!!!!!!! Now there’s like 12x as many bops and they are all hilarious. Pretend i put the clapping emoji between each word.

9) The whole Harry Styles album is obviously tied for #2 and Zayn’s stuff is #3 but that’s nepotism and not a v interesting list so I made a new one



8) Too Much To Ask: I love Shawn Mendes. Also it is about 1D. Not taking counterpoints at this time.


7) Dusk Til Dawn by ZAYN: should b higher on this list but loses points for 2 much yelling


) Now I’m Out Free ft. Huevo (in the style of Quavo also in the style of eggs) (AKA Strip That Down by Bear’s Dad):  he moves up the list because he has one (1) tiny baby named bear


5) Back to You by Louis Tomlinson ft. Baby T-Rex: omg @ me next time what the honk. “It’s a bad song and also the message is really not nice”- Emily Sinrod. Bonus points when u compare it to his other solo stuff. No hate tho.


4) Pillowtalk by ZAYN: Once again I love to bop


3) Slow Hands by Niall Horan: no plants by Jail Horn


2) Like I Would by ZAYN: I heart bopping and I also heart Zayn. Once I was listening to this song and then I Would by one direction came on and I said omg drama


) Sweet Creature: omgomgomg best song ever (in the style of One Direction’s Best Song Ever) it is just about being in love and it is So Cute pls