2016 Prom Guide

By Jenna Pearlstein

Ah! Prom Season has finally come this school year, a perfect distraction from the monotony of algebra 2! Things got a little crazy this year as neck lines got higher and dresses got shorter! (yea that’s right!!! There were definitely some calf length dresses!) Here is a complete prom 2016 guide from someone who is completely unqualified, but fully engrossed in the juncture nonetheless.


As far as I can tell, from scrolling through thousands of facebook pre-prom pics (guilty) styles are a’ changin’. We’re starting to see much less of the glitzy sparkles and rhinestones, as more high schoolers are branching out into sartorially sophisticated styles. My absolute favorite new trend, that I don’t think many people anticipated, is two-piece dresses. They can still handle the elegance of a traditional dress, but they provide a bit of an edge that proms tend to lack. Not to mention, the high neck on a lot of current dresses is so flattering.  


Shoes everywhere this year have been like optical illusions, with straps, ties, hooks, gadgets and gizmos a-plenty! Prom 2016 did not disappoint and continued to flaunt those funky feet with the über popular lace up heels. An alternative style that has been just as well executed is the single strap around the ankle. This look complements the rest of the outfit while drawing attention to the dress, instead of stealing the show like a Beyonce pregnancy announcement at the 2011 VMA’s.  


Just in case you’ve been spending too much of your time under a Kardashian free rock, contouring is HUGE this prom season. Aka a much cheaper version of plastic surgery!!! As far as lips, a huge trend (other than being huge) is matte and nude*. It keeps it simple and draws more attention towards  the main event: the eye makeup! Eyes have proven to be a very integral part of the  prom look this year as demonstrated by the hours and hours of online tutorials  claiming to have the “Perf Prom Look”. Spoiler Alert: no matter how hard you try, there is little hope your smoky cat eye will be anything short of a few black eyes. The basics of the eye makeup are of course a  subtle winged eyeliner, an awesome gold or silver smoky eye, and of course FILLED IN BROWS!  

*see all of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits plz!!


Middle Part. Sleek as heck. CAUTION: If one hair's sticking up off of your heavily hairsprayed head, Joan Rivers herself will rise from the dead to mock you on Fashion Police. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.