By Ricky "Reports" Sayer

Harriton High School’s “Sparc” is a club run by Mrs. Caine, which hosts various Rap/Poetry Slam concerts throughout the year. Here is a piece from Freshman, Arrion Johnson.

“Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

Dreams that I have long desired

Desires of me being inspired and not conspired

Desires of me being hired and not fired feeling the burnings inside of my skull on fire

Hired somewhere in New York on a stage reciting the poetic and deep words I wrote on a single page. Expressing my rage as if I were to be trapped in a cage.

Or if not that then seeing myself on the big screen in my dark blue jeans acting in my favorite scene, a strange teen who only wants to be seen in various ways.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

Dreams of living in my own utopia.

A Utopia where dreams such as these aren’t a myopia

A Utopia where I live in style everyday reading newspapers of my amazing performance on broadway, and all my enemies live in a eternal doomsday and/or decay.

Life on an emotional standpoint will be like Disney happiness, and get rid of all this madness, sadness, and somewhat badness.

Mr. Sandman….I ask you to makes these dreams my reality

A reality where I can finally be able to sleep and visualize words such as these that are deep and repeat over and over until my eyes close slowly.  Bring me a dream Of my desires coming true, living in my utopia, all dreams becoming a reality…

Mr. Sandman,…...Dream”