Harriton's Rap Slam Poetry Concert 2016

By Katie Lee

On Friday, February 3rd, Harriton hosted its third annual rap, slam, and poetry concert in the blackbox theater. Performances ranged from artistic renditions of pop songs to original rap songs. The concert was a huge success, allowing students to show their talents that may not be acknowledged as much as they should be!

Mark your calendar for the next rap slam poetry concert coming up in the spring!

President and performer, Arrion Johnson, says “I'd like to include a special thank you message to all those who showed up, and participated in the event whether it'd be performing or helping by setting everything up - it was a huge success where I am absolutely positive everyone had a good time.”

Performers: Joey Gavin, Arrion Johnson, Nate Nagvajara, Max Lenet, Jake Berberian, Jack Mendelson, Max Reed, Manar Albarakati, Hannibal Ahmed, Mario Garraffo, Rachel Perlstein, Jeff Burk, Andrew Altschuler, Catie Kauffman, Leilani Crutchfield, Jonathan Diamond-Reivich, Markee Marshall.