Senior Highlight: Kate Kucharczuk

Interview by Grace Honeyman 

What defines you as an artist?

I think what defines me as an artist is the spontaneity and chaos of my work. I like to use bold colors, paint big, experiment with different media and textiles, and I never stay on one project too long. My speed as an artist definitely influences my style—I am not a patient painter. My work is less technical and more expressive. I’d rather paint in shapes than details, and I’d rather my work embody the essence of a subject than their likeness.

How have you seen your work and artistic abilities develop over your four years at Harriton?

The Harriton art program is absolutely amazing. It has cultivated my technical skills as an artist and given my work structure while pushing me to develop my own voice as an artist. Ms. Jackson’s art class has taught me the ins and outs of drawing and painting, and my artistic abilities have grown significantly over the past four years. As an artist, I am now more confident in my work and don’t take it too seriously. I know that I am going to make mistakes, so it’s best to just roll with it and have fun!

What is your favorite piece you’ve made in the past four years?

My favorite piece is an oil painting I did of my sister in August called Portrait of Emily. It’s not my best technical piece, but I feel out of all of my portraits; it reflects the subject the best. I like how it’s soft but realistic, colorful yet subdued, and the composition reminds me of another portrait I saw once that I loved.

I would just say stick with art no matter what. When I was in middle school, I hated painting, and I thought that I was terrible at it. I almost didn’t take art in 8th grade because I didn’t like my class the year before. Now I can’t imagine not having art in my life, and Ms. Jackson’s art class has been my favorite class at Harriton by far. Shifting into artist mindset is one of the most amazing things, and if I hadn’t stuck with it, that entire aspect of my life wouldn’t exist.