Senior Highlight:🌸Lexi Lee🌸

Interview by Olivia Kim

Hey Lexi, can you start with a short intro? Name, age, college, major, sun sign?

My name is Lexi Lee, and I am a graduating senior at Harriton High.  I am eighteen years old, and I will be attending Drexel University. At Drexel, I intend on pursuing economics and marketing with a minor in psychology.  My sun sign is an Aquarius.

Will you continue doing art in college?

Although I’m going to be pursuing economics in college, I hope to maintain art as a hobby that’ll last as an outlet.

What inspired you to start doing art on Vans? Do you sell them?

I originally started designing on Vans as a favor for my friend.  She had seen these customized shoes on Instagram that she liked, so I decided to give it a try.  Soon enough, I decided to start a business since a lot of people had been asking me to make them one. You can order a customized pair at

How have you grown as an artist throughout high school?

Throughout high school, I’ve definitely grown as a person and as an artist.  Before high school, I thought only realistic pieces of art were considered beautiful, but with each passing year, I’ve learned that a distinctive style is more charming.  Developing that style for me, meant expressionism. By utilizing my own take with continuous line drawings and abstract paintings, I was able to tap into a different perspective and different moods.

How were you able to find your personal style and touch as an artist?

I was able to find my personal style and touch by trying out different methods of artwork.  Even though trying new styles were hard and challenging, by trying them out, I was able to feel for what was most comfortable for me and what came naturally to me.

Do you have any advice for freshman art students?

I encourage all freshman artists to try new styles and mediums.  Don’t be afraid to try because trying can only help you. Utilize your mentors and materials while you have it and most importantly, enjoy high school.