Slowly but Surely Come Together

By Ángela Sjoblom

The main significance of the portraits is within the words to the right of Kincaid, “Slowly but surely come together,” having tremendous meaning to me especially in terms of our relationship. My partner, Kincaid O’Hara, and I took advantage of the day off on October 12th to celebrate our two-year anniversary in the city. Our plans involved a small brunch on South Street in Philadelphia continued by a long walk around to enjoy the perfect weather. Having stumbled upon gorgeous, massive murals en route to Repo Records, we stopped to admire what are the Philadelphia Magic Gardens by Isaiah Zagar. Both of us are IB Visual Art students, and within the curriculum is the requirement to visit at least 2 official galleries and art exhibits so this was a great opportunity before the fast-approaching end of 1st quarter.

I highly recommend this exhibit to everyone whether you be an art adorer (Seinfeld reference) or not—try and make it out there while this pleasant fall weather is among us! No matter who you are, the bright colors and bold shapes will lift you up and inspire you, something I imagine all of us could use now and then.