Spice Up Your Instagram Feed

by Jenna Pearlstein

The greatest untapped resource for inspiration: INSTAGRAM! As the school year comes to a reluctant close, we must find new methods to distract ourselves during the sweltering summer months. Tagged below are some super cool Instagram accounts that will give you all the artsy vibes you’ve been craving. Before your feed becomes clogged with beach posts with the oh-so-clever caption, “beachy keen,” make sure you’re following these accounts!
           The coolest part about giving these accounts some love? With Instagram’s clever algorithm, following artist pages will only make more of them show up on your popular feed! This is a great resource for expanding your cyber art-collection. With the new “save” feature it is easier than ever to discover and remember inspiring artists. You can even curate your own little exhibition by creating a collection. To save a photo, simply click the ribbon icon on the bottom right of the page. By holding it down you can specify where specifically the image will live in your Instagram archive. Get saving!